HIS NEW OUTFIT IS SO UGLY?? i'm sure i'll get used to it eventually but who designed this.. happyele PLS stop making everyone wear high-waisted pants.. that's my least fav part i HATE high-waisted paints omg, i'll miss his flower shirt it was so cute that he matched with shu </3 the gradient on his shirt is kinda weird too but it could be worse.

SORRY 28.05.24

EASTER TO YOU IS OVER, that's a late update i know.. the event rlly did come at the worst time, if i wasn't sick i think i would've tried way harder to get more copies but in the end, i only got 1 :( i had sm time to plan and wataru's puffy bunny card is literally my fav of his from the music era </3 but at least i got him!! that's all that matters! i'm gonna try and save up memcoins bc i rlly do love the scr,, waa i'm sorry wataru!!

easter to you!! 13.05.24

ahhh i've been sick i forgot to update!! i haven't done much besides sleep, crochet, play videogames... i have been playing the event, although it's so easy to do events on engstars bc autolives i keep forgetting.. i haven't set alarms like i usually do when i get event 5*s bc i'm sick and i'd way rather spend dia then spend another day with thsi awful cold T_T my goal was to get the room scr but now, i'm just hoping i can get one copy... i hate being sick and this is the worst time to be sick!! i'm sorry wataru :(

puffy bunny 19/04/24

so.. puffy bunny is VERY soon on engstars.. after mika's event theres only kohaku's and then puffy bunny!! i am very excited bc not only does that event have the best shuffle unit song ever made (kind of biased xd) BUT watarus card has to be my fav music-era card of his!! the bunny tail, bunny ears hehehee.. i love all the colors too!! enstars has the cutest easter cards :3 idk if im gonna get any of his scrs yet.. theyre cute but also itll cost lots of dia!! at least engstars has auto lives so thats easy,,