hiihi i'm Rex and welcome to. Wataru! This is my very own fansite dedicated to the love of my life, Wataru Hibiki! He means the entire world to me and gives me a reason to smile everyday, so I want to show my love for him as much as I can <3

I just started the site so I'm not totallyyy sure what I wanna do with it yet.. but I'll try and make it the best fansite ever because that's what Wataru deserves!!


the fanlisting is UP! if you're also a wataru fan, feel free to join :3

wataru birthday countdown

wandering clown

to do...

  • all the pages in the navi.. (abt, blog...)
  • read all stories with wataru to add to story notes!!

thank you for visiting! :3

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2.6.24 added fanlisting and new blog entries

19.4.24 added blog

15.4.24 site is UP!!
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